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Lady Onyx Pink Marble

Onyx Pink or as it is popularly called as Lady Onyx Pink Marble is white base indian Marble with swirls of Green and pink colors. Both Onyx Green and Pink are obtained from the same quarry however the selection is made out of prominence of Green or Pink color in the blocks. The marble blocks showing prominence of Pink are classified as Lady Onyx Pink Marble. The predominant color in the Pink Onyx Marble is pink with shades of cream and green woven in the tapestry. Onyx Pink exuberates translucent pink coloration having an innate ability to beautify your surroundings like never before. The beautiful pink shade will take you into a serene world of pristine tranquility. Your house or office or garden will be reckoned by your near and dear for the extraordinary grace and beauty it exhibits. Lady Onyx Pink Marble is suitable for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas. Lady Onyx Pink Marble are also used for both interior and exterior flooring applications. Eye-catching look, smooth surface and fine finishing of Pink Onyx Marble is appreciated at large by the customers all over the World. Pink Onyx Marble is offered in slabs, tiles, blocks, tops, steps, risers etc. form as per the requirement of the client. Onyx Pink Marble is extensively used to enhance the beauty of myriad interior and exterior applications and constructions. Onyx Pink Marble is the natural choice for individuals who desire something really unique in countertops, vanity tops, showers, floors and other elements of the home. When you choose natural stone, you are assured that no other home in the world will have stone that is exactly same.

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