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pink onyx marble

What is pink onyx marble?

Pink onyx marble has a light pure pink color in background with art like white veins. When it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop, one that has been growing in popularity in recent years is pink onyx marble countertops. Pink onyx marble is a natural pink Onyx stone, elegant, unique and intense. This rock is very elegant and refined, perfect for indoor paving and luxurious spaces.Afghanistan is also a source for Pink Onyx, but because of Persian pink onyx marble purity and darkness, Persian pink onyx is the best selling in the world. Pink onyx stone sometimes has dark blue lines and white waves. Pink marble has a unique beauty and a spectacular texture.Onyx natural stone with name of Pink onyx is a unique.

The fact is that it is rarely found and is quite exotic and gives it an upper hand over other natural stones. People wish to possess all, that is exotic and rare to find and hence this natural stone has made quite impact on everyone. Onyx marble has lots of uses.stone for to make your projects unique.

Where does Pink Onyx come from?

Pink Onyx marble Blocks are quarried from Iran which has different pink onyx quarries and the most popular pink onyx quarry among all onyx quarries is placed in North West of Iran, which is a pure dark pink color.

Pink Onyx Slabs are produced in Iran’s mines due to their beauty and popularity. Iran and Pakistan are the biggest stores for pink onyx. we proudly announces full capabilities to produce pink Onyx slabs with the best quality imaginable using the best machines and the newest technologies.

Pink Onyx Blocks are quarried from Iran which has different pink onyx quarries and the most popular pink onyx quarry among all onyx quarries is placed in North West of Iran, which is a pure dark pink color. This pink onyx quarry is able to provide high-quality pink onyx blocks in big standard block size and depends on client order .we would supply pink onyx blocks in smaller sizes.  Pink onyx blocks are also ready to ship and customers are welcomed to visit the pink onyx quarry and select their desired stone blocks.

pink onyx marble

pink onyx marble applications:

For example it’s possible to use in: Interior floors – Interior walls – Exterior floors – Exterior walls – Houses – Hotels – Restaurants -Offices and also Commercial center. 

 The West Azerbaijan Marble Mine is located in the city of Naqadeh and is one of the most unique caves in the world .This mine has been operating for more than 20 years and the invented stones of this mine are among the best pink marbles with high purity. One of the features of pink marble is its beautiful color and high polishing. This type of stone has a high polishing capability and is as polished as a mirror. This mine is operating as one of the rich mines in Iran and its extracted stones are exported to countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, India, Germany, USA, etc. Iran Pink Marble Mine Brokerage as a trustee has interacted directly with customers and our goal in this series is to create a free trade and win-win relationship.

How to order pink onyx marble?

Buy pink marble with good quality : pink onyx tiles , slabs , blocks , etc. from professional suppliers directly. Choose pink onyx product various colors and sizes for global building & decoration project

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